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If your organization would like to get involved in the summer internship program, there are several ways to participate:

Internships may be a 20 to 40 hour per-week job, giving a student real-life experience in the workplace.
This allows underwriters to make a personal connection through an agency or individual.
To provide additional support of the internship program, there are several Program sponsorships available. For more information, please contact Vicki Wait,


Companies have several ways of participating in the Plano Mayor’s Summer Internship Program.

Provide at least one student with an eight week, paid summer internship

Internships are a 20 to 40 hour per week job providing the student(s) real-life experience in the workplace – job shadowing executives, observing company operations, working on special projects, and having personal contact with managers and executives regarding future career prospects in the industry.

Underwrite an intern to work at a local nonprofit or governmental agency

For those companies who are unable to host an intern they may choose to underwrite the internship(s) at a local nonprofit or governmental agency. Costs include a $500 program fee and underwriting 20 to 40 hours per week for the intern at a cost of $13 per hour (includes payroll and onboarding costs).

Become a Corporate Program Sponsor

To provide additional support of the internship program, there are several Corporate Sponsorships available. For questions about program sponsorships, please contact Vicki Wait,  |  (214) 577-7975.

  2022 Internship Partner Form


As a nonprofit, your program commitment includes:

Hosting an intern at your organization this summer for 20 to 40 hours per week from June 6 through July 29

Participating nonprofits will be required to provide a description/mission of your organization and a brief job description.

Attending the Virtual Job Fair on April 21, 22 and 25 to interview potential intern candidates

Resumes of potential intern candidates will be provided to the nonprofit for interview selection prior to the Job Fair.

Placing the intern on your organization’s payroll and paying the intern the recommended minimum rate of $10 per hour

Participating nonprofits are issued a one-time check from the program covering the intern’s salary and estimated administrative and onboarding costs.

Joining your intern and Plano Mayor John Muns at the 2022 Celebration Luncheon on Friday, July 22nd

We’ll celebrate a successful summer and acknowledge our achievements together!

  2022 Nonprofit Organization Application