If your organization would like to get involved in the summer internship program – there are several different ways to participate.

  • Provide a student or students with an 8-week, paid summer internship. Internships may be a 20 to 40 hour per-week job, giving a student real-life experience in the workplace.
  • Underwrite an internship at a local nonprofit or governmental agency. This allows underwriters to make a personal connection through an agency or individual.
  • Provide or underwrite a teacher externship. Provide a two to three-week teacher externship at your place of business or underwrite an externship at a local nonprofit, governmental agency or another place of business willing to host a teacher extern.
  • Become a Program Sponsor. To provide additional support of the internship program, there are several Program sponsorships available. For more information, please contact Vicki Wait, Vicki@vwaitgroup.com.

For more details, please print the 2020 Plano Mayor’s Summer Internship Program Brochure.

To sign up to host or underwrite an internship, please complete the 2020 Internship Partner Form.